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Artist's Licence

Have you ever looked at those lovely advertising brochures and thought "my car doesn't look as good in reality!"

Most manufacturers made their products look longer and sleeker and gave the impression of much greater interior space than was actually there.

The changes are subtle and you really need to compare the advertising beauties side by side with the real thing to spot what was altered.

Here's one for the SS Jaguar 2 litre. Note the lengthened bonnet.

and another for the 1 litre which makes it look much more like its bigger brothers.

Other manufacturers were doing similar things. Here's a Rover, again with a longer bonnet and also somewhat reduced cabin height.

As for interior space, I think the Austin Motor Company probably wins the prize with their Seven. It would certainly be possible to seat another full sized adult between the children in the back seat.

To be fair to Austin though, I think the adults in the front do look as if they have their faces pressed against the windscreen.